The Journal by Elodie's Naturals

  • Are Waterless product safer?

    All of us use skincare and hygiene care products in some way, shape or form. It might be a bar of soap, a facial moisturizer serum, a zero-waste shampoo, or maybe just even toothpaste. On average, we use about 9 to 15 personal care products each day!
  • bestfacialcleanser

    From gels and foams to scrubs and oils, there are so many different “galenic” formulations to wash your face. In France, we say that « washing is just the first step towards maintaining your skin's natural condition ».

    But the question is how? we believe there are lots of reasons why you might choose over any other type of cleanser: the cleansing balm.
  • The power of plum oil

    Why plum oil is good for the skin?
    Naturally rich in antioxidant vitamin E, Plum Oil has softening and antioxidant properties that are interesting to prevent the signs of aging. Plum oil rapidly absorbs into your skin with no greasy residue, creating a nourished, smooth skin. For lovers of scent, this oil is a great bonus as it has a natural scent of rich almond marzipan!