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Elodie's Naturals, clean beauty

Elodie CALLY, Founder

Education is power

"I first came to the USA in 2016, but my life truly changed when I became pregnant. As an expecting mom, I felt disoriented as I navigated the US cosmetics market where little is regulated like in Europe…

Trained in cosmetic formulation, in Paris, I already had a passion for safe and natural products. I started creating products that met my needs and realized I could empower others to do the same by offering DIY skincare classes, and eventually creating my own skincare line.

Elodie’s Naturals is created with a passion for high-quality, safe, and plant-based ingredients sourced from France.

In addition to offering true benefits for the skin, I also seek to benefit the lives of others by educating and empowering them to select and even create products that improve and protect their skin while also protecting our planet".

What we offer

A range of skincare free from toxic ingredients, safe for you and the planet

Elodie's Naturals cleansing balm

Educational Workshops, a fun way to learn formulation (Kids and Adults)

Clean Beauty Education Classes
Our formulation, Our Sourcing in France
Elodie's Naturals clean beauty
Elodie's Naturals, natural skincare

Sustainably sourced 

We source from only the most reputable French suppliers in order to deliver the best quality and traceability. Also, when our skincare are not unscented, we use natural aromas or essentials oils sourced from the best world-known perfumer located in Grasse (France)

Elodie's Naturals clean beauty
Elodie's Naturals, natural skincare

Our lab, our innovation

Our skincare are 100% free from GMO, Artificial Colors, Synthetic fragrances or chemicals. Our formulations are proprietary and compliant with COSMOS, N°1 certification for organic skincare in France. In 2022, we also partnership with a world-known lab to expand our product's launch.  

Effective and sustainable skincare

Elodie's Naturals plant-based formulas

For a healthy skin, we have chosen natural active ingredients known for their benefits and from sustainable agriculture. 

Our skincare are simple, straightforward, and effective, relying on the power of the highest quality ECOCERT plant-based ingredients from France and limited formulations that are free of any toxic and carcinogenic substances. 

We want to go even further in our approach and also banish  ingredients that are harmful to the environment, such as silicones, PEGs or mineral oils.

Our non-toxic products will never make you choose between health and results or between organic and performance.

Elodie's Naturals clean beauty
Elodie's Naturals pop-up clean beauty

Pop-up in the DC area

In 2021, Elodie's Naturals opened its 1st pop-up in the Washington DC Area (Tyson's Corner).

We were thrilled to design a space where  “organic” and “natural” have a meaning.

To meet us in person in 2022, sign-up to receive our next pop-up events.  

Inspiring future generations
with clean beauty formulation

Kids Camp

In 2020, Elodie's Naturals launched the 1st clean beauty formulation camp in the US. 

It had been a huge success. We thank all the families and students who participated In our skincare formulation, clean beauty classes and ranked us 5 stars-google!

Since then, Elodie's Naturals is offering every summer and during school closure days, workshops to kids age between 8 to 14 years old. 

5 stars on Google Elodie
Elodie's Naturals Kids Camp

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  • Monday To Friday: 9:00 - 5:00 pm
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