The journey of Elodie's Naturals

It all started back in 2016 when Elodie started mixing formulas up in Paris, after taking a skincare class.

Turning a few simple ingredients into something effective and eco-friendly fueled her passion.

In 2017, she moved to the US for her corporate job. The same year, she became a mom.

Elodie's Naturals, zero waste skincare

Elodie with Anaë Joy

Organic lifestyle, Toxic Free

"When you become a mom, you want the best for your baby. All natural. Knowing there is no toxic chemicals or harmfully ingredients was obvious to me but reading cosmetics labels ingredients can be very overwhelming and confusing!.

In addition, the US cosmetic market does not have such skincare regulations alike in Europe. Even the use of the words 'natural' or 'organic' are not regulated". 

Do you know how many ingredients are batched in Europe?
Over 2000. 

And in the US ?
Less than 15.  

Organic Chemistry Degree in Paris

In 2018, Elodie went back to school and got a degree in cosmetic chemistry in Paris.

All botanical formulas are developed in-house and proprietary

What we offer

The company is dedicated to natural skincare and education. French cosmetic quality.

Elodie's Naturals aloegel serum

Pure Skincare

Elodie's Naturals Skincare kit DIY

DIY Kits

Elodie's Naturals Chemistry Kids Camp

Educational Workshops for Kids/Adults

Clean Skincare

Although “clean” is the hottest trend to take the cosmetics world by storm, the US cosmetic market does not have skincare regulations like in Europe.

Even the use of the words “natural” or “organic” are not regulated.

Many of the ingredients used in Elodie’s Naturals are sourced from suppliers in France, where designations such as “organic” and “natural” are regulated and the sources are traceable.

Inspiring future generations
with chemistry experiences

Kids Camp

In 2020, Elodie's Naturals launched the 1st Skincare Chemistry camp in the US. 

It was a huge success. We thank all the families and students who participated In our Chemistry programs and ranked us 5 stars-google!

Elodie's Naturals Kids Camp
Beyond natural, ethique ingredients

We only work with the best high-quality ingredient suppliers in the world

French Essential Oils

When our skincare are not unscented, we use pure aromas or essentials oils sourced from Grasse (France) 


Our formulas are plant-based or vegetable-derived, and enriched with botanical extracts 

Safe made

We create skincare that are safe for you, your family and of course, the environment.  

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