Detox Clay Mask
Detox Clay Mask
Detox Clay Mask
Detox Clay Mask
Detox Clay Mask
Detox Clay Mask
Detox Clay Mask

Detox Clay Mask


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Elodie's Naturals DIY Detox clay masks are 100% natural and extracted from French quarries.

The clay is simply dried and crushed, to retain all minerals and properties. Enriched with up recycled organic plum exfoliating powder, this natural mask will leave your skin smooth, detoxed, and soft, preparing it for the next stages of your skin routine. 

Each pouch can make 3 to 4 masks. Enjoy your DIY facial mask, with pure and 100% ingredients of natural origin, free from any toxic ingredients, especially preservatives.


✅ Clean Formula: we source from only the most reputable French suppliers in order to deliver the best quality and traceability. This clay is 100% Natural.

Why clay powder mask are the best?

The benefits of using clay mask

Elodies Naturals Detox Mask

🍑 All Natural:  Clay masks coming in powder are favored by many beauty aficionados, since it is rich in minerals like calcium or magnesium. But most important, it is 100% from natural origin and it also ensures a longer shelf life without the use of harsh synthetic preservatives.

🌾 Pull out impurities: Clay have the power to absorb heavy metals and charged toxins. Your pores will appear smaller and your face feel extremely smooth. 

🌾 Help reducing blackheads: by pulling excess sebum, dirt, and oil from deep in your pores. 

🌾 Leave your skin smooth & tight not only it will refresh your skin by removing dead skin, but it will stimulate blood circulation  which helps brighten the skin

Just remember that your skin is unique: each type of clay provides its own unique benefit. Pick the right clay for your skin needs.

How do you use a powder clay facial mask?

You can mix the dry clay with all sorts of skin-loving liquids, including:

🍑 Water or Hydrosol (aka water floral)
🌾  Aloevera juice, If your skin is very sensitive 

Step 1: Start with approx 1/2 to 1 Tablespoon of the facial clay in any small non-metal bowl.

Step 2: Slowly add 1/4 teaspoon of filtered water and mix with a non-metal spoon, and keep adding water with the spoon, until a creamy paste consistency is reached.

Step 3: Apply directly on your face and neck. Avoid eye area. Can you feel the plum exfoliating powder? Use it to massage the T -Zone. 

Step 4: Rinse off after 5 minutes with clear water. It is important to not exceed 5 minutes and avoid the clay drying on your skin. 

Elodies Naturals All natural clay mask

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