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Elodie's naturals Activity in Arlington Viriginia


You don't have to guess what you are putting on your skin, make it!


Enjoy a unique experience, create your organic beauty potion with an certified cosmetic formulator

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Wonderful organic beauty products that you create

Pure, Natural and Organic Ingredients

We carefully select all of our ingredients to create natural skincare products
following the EU regulations

Because skincare should be safe and healthy

We follow the EU regulations and do not test on animal

Instead, we source natural aromas from France

It is spring, we are back teaching in-person !
Handcraft an Organic Anti cellulite Body Gel & Anti-ageing Facial Serum
Handcraft an Organic Anti cellulite Body Gel & Anti-ageing Facial Serum

Handcraft an Organic Anti cellulite Body Gel & Anti-ageing Facial Serum


During this 2 hours class, you will learn the basics of raw ingredients going into skincare and take home 2 beauty products. Effective? yes! High Quality? Yes ! 

You will become a formulator for 2 hours and pick up the right ingredients for your skin type. We will be making a facial serum using the best active ingredients (anti-aging, repulping), and an anti-cellulite body gel enriched with pineapple extracts and caffeine. 

$80/person + $3 transaction fee

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This is very unique! 

This is so much fun!

It is all natural and vegan

Kids or Adults

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What is Skincare Chemistry Experience?

Is the instructor certified?

Yes, Elodie is a certified cosmetic formulator. She owes her diploma from an award-winning school in Paris. 
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At Elodie’s Naturals, we believe making natural skincare can be a fun and educational experience

We would like also to empower you through this hands-on experience to enjoy the process of botanical hand-made skincare. And stay way from potential harmful ingredients

Do the fees include everything?

The fees cover all the cost of ingredients, which are fresh, EU organic certified and sourced at the best world-known suppliers in France. 

Do you know how many ingredients we spread on our body everyday? 

250 on average. Scary, right? And some are known to be harmful or potentially toxic. Some ingredients are even related to cancer or hormones disruptors. So we would like to encourage consumers to get familiar with natural ingredients and toxic-free skincare.

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