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Elodie's Naturals Clean  Skincare DIY
Elodie's Naturals Natural Skincare DIY
Elodie's Naturals Clean  Skincare DIY

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100% Natural Cold Press Oils

Cruelty Free

Clean Beauty by Elodies Naturals

Eco-Friendly & made with sustainable ingredients


Hand-made by you

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Unique Skincare by Elodie's Naturals

Personalized Natural Skincare 

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Elodie's Naturals Testimonials

Loved the fact that I learned how to make my own face cream - this way I know exactly what I am putting on my face. :-) 🌱 and my own lip gloss - I also know that I am eating all natural products from my lip gloss 💄 Plus it was fun meeting new people! 😊 Great gift idea too ‘cause it so much fun!

Hella A

Elodie's Naturals Testimonials

Elodie’s classes are even more fun than a cooking class because you leave with a few cosmetic products that you can enjoy for months to come! She is so quintessentially French, and such a fun and charming host of the workshop. Highly recommended

Jenny Hoffman

Elodie's Naturals Testimonials

Taking her class really made me realize that you don’t need a long list of ingredients to make an amazing face serum and that you can use super foods on your face! A lipstick with color from beet root?? Yes! Why not. And it’s beautiful. I highly recommend taking her class and giving it a try.


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Elodie's Naturals:  Gift Ideas Skincare
Elodie's Naturals:  Gift Ideas Skincare
Elodie's Naturals:  Gift Ideas Skincare
Elodie's Naturals:  Gift Ideas Skincare

DIY Workshop in the DC Metro Area: Voucher

Offer Her a Unique Experience
A Clean Beauty Class-Making
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Ingredients you can pronounce

We went to France, Europe, and sometimes even further to find the perfect natural ingredients.

Always favoring organic and sustainable agricultural and handpicking our vendors to ensure the best / high quality ingredients.

Because what we put on your skin should only be non-toxic, our formulas are made with veggie and plant ingredients so you can understand each one of them.

Elodie's Naturals Serum Q10


Elodie's Naturals was born from a mission: educate and offer healthy, fresh, and effective skincare products.


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