After-shave gel all-in-one
After-shave gel all-in-one
After-shave gel all-in-one
After-shave gel all-in-one
After-shave gel all-in-one

After-shave gel all-in-one


Plant derived Elodie's Naturals Cleansing Balm
Fresh made Elodie's Naturals Cleansing Balm
Vegan Elodie's Naturals
Non GMO Elodie's Naturals Cleansing Balm

Non-greasy, this after-shave is a light gel texture that leaves men's skin hydrated and nourished. It can be used at night and day, as a daily moisturizer, or just after shaving for an immediate soothing action. 

It has a subtle minty scent,  and its size makes it travel-friendly.

Plus, it has +99% natural origins, so you can feel good about using it while not exposing yourself to harmful ingredients. 

✅ Clean Formula 



🌻 Calendula: sooths and moisturize
🤍 Hyaluronic Acid : Hydrating + anti-ageing
✨ Urea + Xylitol: Intense Hydration + help restore your skin’s moisture and protects its barrier.

Aqua (water) heliantus annuus seed oil, calendula officinalis flower extract (Calendula Oil), urea (Hydrating Agent), sucrose stereate (Natural emulsifier 100% from natural origin), xylitol (hydration+ microbiome friendly), natural fragrance, Benzyl alcohol, Dehydroacetic acid (Preservative authorized in Organic skincare in France), Colloidal oatmeal (Soothing), Xantham gum (Gelling agent), Sodium hyaluronate (anti-ageing), Mentha spicata L. essential oil

After-shave + Moisturizing + anti-ageing!

For +92%
of testers

The skin is soft

For 89%
of testers

The skin is nourished

For 100%
of testers

The skin is hydrated

Tested on a panel of 14 men volunteers aged 32 to 59, for 1 month.

Elodies Naturals Body Scrub
Elodies Naturals Body Scrub

Why is this after-shave different?

🍑 Highly-concentrated serum: We use organic calendula oil, known for soothing, in addition to a new active ingredient microbiome friendly called xylitol. 

🌾 Hyaluronic Acid: we source from France. Do you know from which plant Hyaluronic Acid is made from? Wheat! We can guarantee that this Hyaluronic acid has 2 different sizes of molecules for a better penetration and so hydration.

🌱 Fresh and light: The formula is very light but effective, for a healthy skin, but non-greasy with no residue. We use a very light minty scent form the best perfumer from Grasse (city in the south of France).

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