Safe, Sustainable, and French Quality Skincare

Made Safe and Sustainable

We believe in knowing what we put in and on our bodies is important
and should be non-toxic.

That's we only offer pure, natural and organic ingredients

In 2022, in addition to our commitment to make skincare products which are simple, straightforward, and effective, relying on the power of the highest quality ECOCERT plant-based ingredients from France, Elodie's Naturals will be releasing a new range of products.

Why are we different?  We voluntary limited our formulations to less than 15 ingredients that are free of any toxic and carcinogenic substances

 One mission: Healthy Beauty, Beauté Santé

French Quality

We carefully select pure ingredients following the EU regulation

Elodie's Naturals zero waste skincare

Creating skincare that are safe for you, & the environment.

Elodies naturals shampoo bar

Using high-quality ingredients and French Formulas 

Elodie's Naturals conditioner bar

We follow the EU regulations and do not test on animal

Elodie's Naturals unscented skincare

Instead, we source natural aromas from France

Ethique Ingredients

Aloe Vera x 200 in powder

This concentrated powder 200 times is obtained by lyophilization of aloe vera juice, concentrating all its wealth in active ingredients. Known for its exceptional moisturizing, soothing and regenerating properties, Aloe vera can be easily incorporated into all types of emulsion made with water.

Organic Carnauba wax

The carnauba wax is secreted by the leaves of a palm tree from Brazil: Copernica Cerifera. This wax with high melting point and high film-forming power is an essential ingredient in the formulation of balms or emulsions and increase its film-forming power. 

Coco Caprylis

Caprylis is composed of triglycerides of capric and caprylic acids. It therefore corresponds to the "lightest" and penetrating fraction of coconut oil, hence its current name of fractionated coconut oil.

Dry oil, Caprylis is ideal for formulating care oils as well as milks and creams. Very stable to oxidation, Caprylis is also an ideal base for making oily macerates.

Cold-Pressed Fruit and Vegetable Oils 


Renowned as an ingredient in natural and traditional beauty care, vegetable oils can abe used pure or mixed with other oils and butters: as a cleansing, nourishing, repairing care and protector for skin or hair.  

Formulating with organic oils is our priority, but not all of them are available in organic culture (like grapeseed) but when the choice is possible, we use organic and cold-pressed oils : cherry, jojoba, almond, sesame, for example. 

Sucrose stearate:

When water and oil are mixed together, a dispersion of oil droplets in water - and vice versa - is formed. When shaking stops, the phases start to separate. So, to make the 2 phases remain together, the use emulsifier. is 

100% vegetable origin (palm oil, beet sugar), sucrose stereate is a very mild emulsifier, and also has an excellent softening power on the skin. This result in emulsion, with a light texture and with a fresh touch and non-greasy..

Supefood Pigments
& Ecocert MICA

Going beyond the basic natural origin of ingredients, consumers are expecting more from cosmetic company. So we are. 

This is why we use a new generation of pigments: unique natural extracts from superfood providing color and care benefits
Patented. 100% natural extracts obtained by spray drying a natural juice on a natural substrate.

Ecocert Preservatives


With any formula containing water, using preservatives is a requirement. Preservatives are used to prevent mold and contamination. Here after a link to a recent law in France

Here a list of acceptable preservatives for use in certified organic cosmetics in Europe: Potassium Sorbate, Benzyl Alcohol (and) Salicylic Acid (and) Glycerin (and) Sorbic Acid... to learn more: a good guide about ecocert preservatives

Natural Aroma


Instead of using synthetic fragrance or perfume that can contains up to 500 ingredients, or even more, we made the choice to use natural aroma. They are a blend of high quality essential oils as well as natural isolates which are derived from nature. ie essential oils such as lavender, rose, cedar etc. They are 100% from natural origin. 
So if you still wondering: If that true that the cosmetics industry can put any chemical into a product's "fragrance" without showing it on the ingredients list?  see the answer of the well-respected EWG association

Xantham Gum:

From natural origin, Xanthan Gum is composed of polymers of natural sugars produced by biotechnology: fermentation of beet, cane or corn sugar by non-genetically modified Xanthomonnas campestris bacteria. Our xanthan gum is guaranteed GMO-free and produced without the use of GMOs.

 It is accepted by Ecocert in the formulation of certified organic cosmetics. When xanthan gum is added to water, it creates a gel with a high viscosity.  We use it in class!


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