Nourishing Body Scrub
Nourishing Body Scrub
Moisturizing scrub
Body Scrub
Body Scrub

Nourishing Body Scrub


Plant derived Elodie's Naturals Cleansing Balm
Fresh made Elodie's Naturals Cleansing Balm
Vegan Elodie's Naturals
Non GMO Elodie's Naturals Cleansing Balm

You’ve tried other body scrubs on the market. And while they did a pretty decent job of removing dead skin cells, you noticed your skin was left feeling a little...depleted. Thankfully, this one is entirely different.

Not only does our organic body scrub perfectly exfoliate, it also leaves your skin feeling incredibly nourished and smooth.

Plus, it has 100% natural origins, so you can feel good about using it while not exposing yourself to the harmful ingredients found in other body scrubs.

βœ… Clean Formula 


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🀍 Natural sugar: exfoliates and softens
πŸ₯₯ Organic coconut oil: nourishes and protects
 πŸŒ» Grapeseed & Sunflower oils: softens
 βœ¨ Vitamin E: antioxidant and protective

Organic Sugar*, Turbinado Sugar, Grapeseed oil (grapeseed), Coco-Crapylis (emolient),  Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Coconut), Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate (natural surfactant from sunflower), Glyceryl Stereate (emulsifier), Glyceryl Behenate (natural wax), Hydronated Oil (thickener), Tocepherol (Vitamin E)

*Fair Trade Certified

Body Scrub: Best Nourishing Scrub!

For 100%
of testers

The skin is soft

For 100%
of testers

The skin is nourished

For 100%
of testers

The skin is smooth

Tested on a panel of 14 female volunteers aged 18 to 65, for 1 month.

Elodies Naturals Body Scrub
Elodies Naturals Body Scrub

Why is this sugar scrub different?

πŸ‘ Nourishing: Made with 100% natural oils, this sugar scrub will hydrate your skin on a deeper level. Our body scrub is – voluntarily- made without water. Instead, we use nourishing oils for their moisturizing properties. It’s just that simple.

🌾 Exfoliating: Even sensitive skin will love our exfoliation body scrub. Enjoy glowing, soft skin with a pleasant, yet subtle scent, after using your sugar scrub. 

🌱 Stimulating: In addition to its unique melting texture, this sugar scrub actually turns into a hydrating milk when it comes in contact with water. 

βœ… Clean Formula: we source from only the most reputable French suppliers in order to deliver the best quality and traceability.

Recycling Instructions 

Recycling Body Sugar Scrub

Respect the planet, Recycle or return your container to be re-used (if you are local to DC)

Recycling Instructions Body Scrub

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