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Clean Body Scrub
Clean Body Scrub
Clean Body Scrub
Nourishing Body Scrub Clean
Organic body Scrub Elodies Naturals
All Natural Body Scrub
Clean Body Scrub Elodies Naturals

Nourishing Body Scrub


Plant derived Elodie's Naturals Cleansing Balm
Fresh made Elodie's Naturals Cleansing Balm
Vegan Elodie's Naturals
Non GMO Elodie's Naturals Cleansing Balm

Discover the secret to radiant skin with our specially formulated body scrub. Crafted for those who seek tangible results and natural ingredients, this scrub stands out in its simplicity and efficacy.  

As you use our scrub, you'll feel the gentle exfoliation at work, effectively removing dead skin cells to uncover a brighter, more vibrant layer beneathBut it's not just about exfoliation.

Our scrub does not contain water, unlike 95% body scrubs on the market, but instead, we selected organic oils and extracts that effectively nourish and smooth your skin.  After each use, your skin won't just be clean—it will be visibly softer and moisturized.

Plus, it has 100% natural origins.  Our commitment to natural ingredients means you're treating your skin with the utmost respect, free from the harsh chemicals and synthetic additives found in conventional body scrubs. 

✅ Clean Formula 



🤍 Natural sugar: exfoliates and softens
🥥 Organic coconut oil: nourishes and protects
 🌻 Grapeseed & Sunflower oils: softens
 ✨ Vitamin E: antioxidant and protective

Organic Sugar*, Turbinado Sugar, Grapeseed oil (grapeseed), Coco-Crapylis (emolient),  Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Coconut), Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate (natural surfactant from sunflower), Glyceryl Stereate (emulsifier), Glyceryl Behenate (natural wax), Hydronated Oil (thickener), Tocepherol (Vitamin E)

*Fair Trade Certified

Nourishing Body Scrub

No Post-Shower Moisturizer Needed

For 100%
of testers

The skin is soft

For 100%
of testers

The skin is nourished

For 100%
of testers

The skin is smooth

Tested on a panel of 14 female volunteers aged 18 to 65, for 1 month.

Nourishing Body Scrub for dry skin

Why is this sugar scrub different?

elodies naturals body scrub

 🍑 Nourishing: Our body scrub is – voluntarily- made without water. Instead, we source 100% natural oils, renowned for their exceptional moisturizing properties. This deliberate choice ensures that your skin receives profound, lasting nourishment. It's a testament to our belief in simplicity and effectiveness. 

🌱 Stimulating: Experience the magic of transformation with our unique sugar scrub. Upon contact with water, it metamorphoses into a luxurious, hydrating milk. This not only stimulates and delights the senses but also enhances the moisturizing process, leaving your skin feeling deeply nourished and silky to the touch.

Recycling Instructions 

Recycling Body Sugar Scrub

Respect the planet, Recycle or return your container to be re-used (if you are local to DC)

Recycling Instructions Body Scrub

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