The power of plum oil on the skin

by Healthy Beauty by Elodie's Naturals
The power of plum oil on the skin

Delving into the French Heritage of Organic Botanical Plum Oil

What is plum oil?

Derived from fresh plums, Plum Kernel Oil is a luxurious botanical oil extracted by pressing the almond inside the plum kernel. After drying and shelling off the kernels, the almonds are meticulously crushed and passed through a screw press to release the oil, which is then decanted and filtered for purity.

For years, this natural oil has been a favored emollient and moisturizer, especially beneficial for parched skin. Rich in vitamin E, it is a robust shield against the free radicals that often cause premature skin aging.

  • The INCI name of Plum Oil is Prunus domestica
  • Emollient, skin hydrated and help protect from drying out.
  • Concentration of vitamin E, it fights against time-ageing and wrinkles
  • Powerful and rich smell of marzapan
  • Softening, provides skin elasticity & fatty acids
  • For all skin types and hair
Plum oil: benefits
Organic plum oil certified
Organic plum Kernel oil serum

Benefits of Beauty Plum oil 

The true "Prune de Gascogne" vegetable oil comes from organic farming and is made in France. 100% virgin, pure, first-cold pressed and certified organic, it boasts an enchanting scent and a unique composition, making it a premium ingredient to promote smoother skin.

Rich in oleic acid, plum oil also contains about 20% linoleic acid or Omega-6 (omega fatty), an essential fatty acid essential to the body. Naturally rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, plum kernel oil have powerful antioxidant properties to help prevent the signs of aging and boost collagen production.

The direct impact on skin health

Our organic oil is responsibly sourced from a sustainable farm near Bordeaux. This family-owned venture, steered by its 4th generation, assures a product that's untainted by pesticides.

By prioritizing the direct benefits of high-quality ingredients, Elodie's Naturals ensures that every drop applied to your skin is packed with nature's best, delivering tangible results and a radiant glow.

Nourishing serum for dry skin


Organically Grown

Elodie's Naturals' Kernel plum oil is certified by COSMOS ecocert and is organically cultivated.

Skin type Plum Serum


Bee during Spring Season

The bees like to take the top flowers and visit the plum tree as well as the spring flowers. 

Benefits of plum serum


Amazing smell 

Above all, the signature of its oil, is its delicious almond and frangipane scent ! It is almost a perfume on its own, unlike other vegetable oils which, for the most part, smell only... oil!

How plum serum or treatment can transform and rejuvenate your skin

While the origins of our ingredients matter, what's even more crucial is how they transform and rejuvenate your skin. The exceptional quality of our plum oil, derived from the best organic sources, ensures you receive the following benefits:

Pure Potency: Plants cultivated in rich, organic soil tend to produce more potent extracts. This means skincare products formulated with these extracts deliver higher concentrations of the active compounds that benefit our skin.

Rich in Nutrients
: Ingredients sourced from organically grown plants are often richer in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. These compounds are crucial for maintaining skin health, combating signs of aging, and restoring skin's natural radiance.

Fewer Irritants: Organic farming avoids synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. As a result, extracts from these plants contain fewer potential skin irritants, making products gentler and suitable for sensitive skin types. 

Plum beauty oil Q10 french.jpg__PID:3692faa5-663c-4d28-a207-c3bb59255c38

The Unique Advantage of Elodie's Naturals Plum Serum 

Our Moisturizing Antioxydant Plum Serum takes a leap beyond typical plum oil serums available in the market. What truly sets it apart is the infusion of Q10. Coenzyme Q10, or Q10 for short, is renowned for its ability to aid in cellular energy production and offer antioxidant protection. Combined with the myriad benefits of plum oil, this fusion not only nourishes and protects but also rejuvenates the skin, ensuring a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Without the inclusion of Q10, other serums on the market miss out on an additional layer of skin protection and revitalization. This unique blend in Elodie's Naturals ensures users get a premium, holistic skincare experience that's unparalleled in its efficacy.

Plum Oil Now Available in Body Spray

Organic Apricot oil

Exceptional hydrator 

Apricot radiance jojoba serum elodiesnaturals.png__PID:2234b532-45e9-46fd-b334-914e9db80fb8

 Organic Jojoba Oil


JOJOBA PURE COLD PRESSED ELODIES NATURALS.jpg__PID:9566b85d-227e-45ac-9509-c3ffeaf3cf94

Q10 (anti-wrinkle)

Reenergizes cells 

Radiance apricot jojoba serum

INCI LIST: Organic Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, organic prunus cerasus oil (apricot), organic vegetable squalane (squalane), Caprylate,  Ubiquinone (Q10), Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

100% from fresh-cold pressed oils and organic certified

Sensitive skin? Dry skin? Plum oil is recommended for all skin types

In an industry that often categorizes and compartmentalizes, Moisturizing Plum Oil breaks the mold by being the one-size-fits-all solution.

Whether you have dry, oily, combination, sensitive, or mature skin, Plum Oil seamlessly fits into your skincare routine. Its unique composition provides hydration without overwhelming oily skin, offers gentle nourishment to sensitive skin, and delivers rejuvenating properties to mature skin.

The light texture ensures that combination skin remains balanced, and its natural, soothing properties are a boon for sensitive skin types. Moreover, with its rich content of antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids.

It's not just a product; it's a universal skincare ally, recommended and revered for every skin type.

plum serum elodies naturals EN.jpeg__PID:ac218c3d-1e53-46c6-8eb7-de7e918f7d17

How to use ?  " Once the oil is absorbed, seal in all that moisture with a face cream or a nectar serum. Finally, be sure during the day, to wear spectrum sunscreen for sun protection.

Does plum oil clog pores? This oil is non-comedogenic (meaning it doesn't clog pores). On a scale from 0 to 5 (0= non comedogenic and 5, yes it is) Prunus Domesitica is 1. So, this oil can be used without the fear of causing acne or similar issues and no oily residue. Does that mean it suitable for pro-acne skin ? Yes, but we would recommend to introduce some others oils in your skincare routine. 

Its emollient qualities ensure that dry skin receives the hydration it desperately craves, while its non-comedogenic nature means that those with oily skin don't have to worry about clogged pores or breakouts.

Moisturizing serums and lotions

Elodie's Naturals is proud to offer a diverse range of products infused with plum kernel oil

Moisturizing Antioxydant Plum Serum with Q10: 100% Natural Origin, 97,5% from Organic Origin, Elodie's Naturals Botanical Plum serum is the best choice for dry and mature skin. With a very short list of only 5 ingredients, this serum is a vitamin-rich antioxidant powerhouse.  Use only a few drops/day. Your 1oz Serum bottle should last 2 month uses daily. 

Nectar Serum, enriched with Vitamin C: the super hydration of a gel moisturizer, the power of an anti-aging Vitamin C active ingredient, and the energizing comfort of cream all in 1 clear, gel formula texture. The plum nectar serum, great for its nourishing proprieties, delivers an essential dose of skin nutrition for healthy and hydrated skin. 

Nourishing or Hydrating lotions:
Enriched with advanced clinical Anti-aging Hyaluronic Acid, this lotion will help increase the water retention in your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a flawless complexion. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin, Elodie's Naturals lotions will improve the appearance of wrinkles and make the skin look smooth. A great source of Vitamin. Both lotions come unscented but smell divine marzipan as we make small batches and only use fresh organic plum oil.

Plum Serum Elodies naturals
Plum oil Moisturizing serum
Plum Beauty oil Elodies naturals
Plum Serum Elodies naturals
Plum Beauty oil Elodies naturals
Plum Serum Elodies naturals
Plum oil Moisturizing serum
Plum Beauty oil Elodies naturals
Plum Serum Elodies naturals
Plum Beauty oil Elodies naturals

Moisturizing Antioxydant Plum Serum

Plum vitamin C serum
Plum vitamin C serum
Face plum serum Vitamin C
Plum vitamin C serum
Plum vitamin C serum
Organic Aloevera Vitamin C Serum
Plum vitamin C serum
Plum vitamin C serum
Face plum serum Vitamin C
Plum vitamin C serum
Plum vitamin C serum
Organic Aloevera Vitamin C Serum

Plum Nectar Vitamin C Serum

Does plum kernel oil has properties for hair?  
Benefits of plum oil

In the same way that it plays a role on mature skin, plum kernel oil will be nourishing for dry, brittle and damaged hair. We can always count on these famous oleic acid to nourish and soften the hair.

- Application tip: apply a few plum oil drops as a mask before shampoo on the lengths. Leave on for several hours or even a whole night and then shampoo. 

- Other suitable vegetable oils
: it is possible to combine Plum with Shea butter or Jojoba. 


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