The French Heritage of Organic Botanical Plum Oil

Have you ever heard about Plum Oil?

As I follow a few start-ups on kick-starters' platforms and major cosmetic news (in France especially), I got really intrigued by the rise of companies referring to botanical plum oil. A few weeks ago, l'Oréal itself launched a new product with Plum Oil in France, which definitely aroused my curiosity. After reading reviews of customers getting a glowing skin, and enjoying its deliciously fruity top note and heart notes of almonds and marzipan, I decided to take the plunge and formulate some products with it..And I just love it!

4 generations: The French Heritage

We directly source our organic plum oil from a sustainable farm located next to Bordeaux, a family-owned farm run by the 4th generations

Face Oil Serum Plum Beauty Oil
French Organic Plum Kernel Oil from Elodie's Naturals

How plum oil is made ? The cold-pressed oil is made from the pits of organic dried plums grown on a farm next to Bordeaux (France).

Elodie's Naturals Face Plum oil is COSMOS Ecocert certified, which means as organic and natural as it can be!. This may be one of the most expensive oils on the market, but plum  is truly unique!

Elodie's Naturals Botanical Plum oil Serum
Elodie's Naturals Plum Facial Serum Elodie's Naturals Plum Elixir SerumElodie's Naturals Plum Face Serum
I spend some weeks formulating serum leveraging the unique properties of Plum Oil, packed with Vitamin C. Introducing Plum Nectar. And not only, I am launching a new serum. I am launching 3 new Aleogel serums:
- BlackSeed Nectar for Oily Skin type
- Jojoba Nectar for Mixed/Combination skin type
- Plum Nectar for Mixed to Dry Skin


Why plum oil is good for the skin?

Naturally rich in antioxidant vitamin E, Plum Oil has softening and antioxidant properties that are interesting to prevent the signs of aging. Plum oil rapidly absorbs into your skin with no greasy residue, creating a nourished, smooth skin. For lovers of scent, this oil is a great bonus as it has a natural scent of rich almond marzipan!

Let us know if you like our Plum Nectar Face Serum!