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Gift a memorable experience: #1 activity by Redfin, 5 stars on Google and Air BnB experience

by Healthy Beauty by Elodie's Naturals
Gift a memorable experience: #1 activity by Redfin, 5 stars on Google and Air BnB experience

Clean beauty, adhering to the most rigorous certification standards

Take a guess

Amid the expansive backdrop of the US beauty scene, Elodie has introduced a unique experience for kids, teens, and adults: crafting DIY skincare with premium ingredients.

Do you ever stop to consider how many ingredients we apply to our bodies every day? Take a guess: 25, 50, 100?"

Nope, even more: up to 200 ingredients. Everyday, from your toothpaste to the use of a shampoo, or a face lotion, on average, American women use products that contain a multitude of individual ingredients daily.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), an American woman uses an average of 12 products a day containing 168 unique ingredients. This number can vary based on personal habits, preferences, and the type of products used. For instance, someone using more makeup or skincare products might be exposed to a higher number of individual ingredients compared to someone with a minimalistic routine. It's always a good idea for consumers to be aware of the ingredients in the products they use, especially if they have sensitivities or are concerned about potential health impacts

  • Enjoy a unique experience
  • Fun activity for kids and adults, family-friendly
  • Effective skincare that deliver
  • From serum, to face lotion and scrubs

Elodie's Naturals:#1 activity by Redfin  

In 2023, Redfin ranked Elodie's Naturals #1 activity to do in Washington DC area. Here an extract of "Off the Beaten Path: 16 Things to do in Washington, DC"

"Beyond the iconic monuments and historic landmarks, DC offers a myriad of offbeat and unique things to do that will make your time here truly memorable. From exploring the vibrant Washington, DC neighborhoods and indulging in diverse culinary delights to immersing yourself in the thriving arts and culture scene, Washington, DC, is a treasure trove of unconventional adventures".

Book a one-of-a-kind experience with a Parisian formulator at Elodie’s Naturals

At Elodie’s Naturals, you can explore the enchanting world of creating organic skincare products, from hyaluronic serums to lemon scrubs, aromatherapy to exquisite natural fragrances sourced from France.

 You’ll have the opportunity to customize what goes on your skin under the guidance of an expert, and take home your very own face or body products.

✅ Read the whole article here, Off the Beaten Path: 16 Things to do in Washington, DC


Our skin: our biggest organ

Since becoming increasingly aware of the substances we apply to our skin and the impact we have on the planet, Elodie has pioneered a unique experience in the US. Starting in 2019, she introduced workshops where individuals can make their own natural face serums, lotions, scrubs, and even sophisticated products like shampoo bars.

To date, over 200 adults have participated in a class, and more than 350 children have celebrated birthdays with us or joined our camps. These events not only allow participants to create products like nail polish, dry body oil, face cleanser, or lip scrubs, but they also offer a fun way to learn the basics of chemistry.

Birthday Party by elodies naturals


Birthday Party

Experience gift idea elodies naturals


Fun experience between friends

kids camp and party elodies naturals


Amazing smell 

Collaboration with nationwide institutions

Since its creation, Elodie's Naturals has collaborated with several institutions to promote and provide DIY experiences to make skincare. Some of these institutions include:

L'Alliance Francaise de DC: the leading center for French language, French culture and francophone resources in Washington DC, asked Elodie's Naturals to make an-online class. Over 60 participants bought an online kit and enrolled for this trip to Provence, and make a lemon scrub.  You can find the video on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDwaxAVpVkE

alliance french in DC elodiesnaturals workshop.png__PID:aa036ea9-6202-4ba2-8da7-9223dda2edd3

More recently, the American Horticulture Society (AHS), one of the most respected, longstanding national gardening organizations in the US, held a series of classes in Alexandria, Virginia to educate and promote all-natural plant-based skincare formulations.

"What an experienced chef does turning simple, high-quality ingredients into culinary delights, Elodie Cally does in her skincare workshops. Armed with a degree in cosmetic formulation and a passion for teaching others, Elodie of Elodie's Naturals is working to demystify clean beauty and create effective and eco-friendly products that harness the powers of all-natural, plant-based ingredients" 

elodies naturals class and workshop skincare.jpg__PID:0f58043f-a36d-4d56-a31f-1d3a90a0af0c

Soon to come....

IIn an industry full of hype and more marketing than real substance, Elodie's Naturals aims to be different. We want to teach people about real skincare.

We believe in being clear about what's in our products and making sure they work. Instead of fancy words, we focus on simple, natural skincare that's good for you. We help our customers know what they're putting on their skin. To feel better, and look better. With active ingredients, whether patented or proven, good skincare truly makes a difference

In 2024, we will be launching a series on online-classes to buy your own DIY kit and join our online program.

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