Moisturizing Serum Vitamin C
Moisturizing Serum Vitamin C
Organic Aloevera Vitamin C Serum
French Plum oil, Face Serum, Plum kernel oil
Plum Vitamin C Serum Moisturizing

Plum Nectar Vitamin C Serum


Natural Serum
Natural Serum
Natural Serum

Plum Nectar Serum is one of the French beauty's best-kept secrets. Plum oil is eight times more powerful than argan oil and six times more than marula oil when it comes to protecting skin from free radicals.

Enriched with vitamin C, this serum has a gel texture. In opposite, to oil-based serums that nourish/moisturize skin, aloe gel serums have the capability to hydrate + nourish.

Which serum is best for me?
If you already use a lotion, but your skin tights, we would recommend using oily serums. If your skin likes the lotion, but you are looking for a booster in hydration+moisturizing, we would recommend the nectar serums. 

✅ Clean Formula


Apply morning and evening, a few drops to the face, neck and décolleté, before your moisturizer.  The gel will penetrate very quickly and leaves your skin hydrated. Follow by a lotion, or just enjoy as-it.  

This serum comes unscented but smells a fruity top note and heart notes of almonds and marzipan.

Fresh - Pure - Minimalist

This nectar serum is a 3 in 1 Serum Gel with Vitamin C + Aloe Vera 

Plum Oil : Benefits for the skin

Elodies Naturals, Plum oil Face Serum

How often should you use plum nectar serum? 

Plum kernel oil, (INCI name : Prunus domestica seed oil) is very different from apricot kernel oil or almond oil. It has a complex and rich fragrance, a fruity top note and heart notes of almonds and marzipan.  

It's safe to use plum nectar serum twice per day—in the morning, beneath makeup or a sunscreen, and/or at night, as part of your evening skin routine. If you want to use some plum oil on the ends of your hair to add extra moisture and protect against heat damage, we recommend to shop the plum oil serum, N°3.

🌱 Vitamin A: Help cell turnover which improve wrinkles and skin elasticity
✨ Vitamin E: Helps heal and repair damaged skin
🌾 Omega fatty acids 6 and 9: Hydrates skin
🌻 Polyphenols: Provides anti-inflammatory benefits
💚Antioxidants: Helps with the production of collagen.

Farm to skin : We sourced our oils directly to the producer in small batches so we can control the freshness.


Elodies Naturals, Plum oil Face Serum


Soothing, aleovera is known for its regenerating effects, and as a natural anti-ageing active ingredient. 

Harvest is done entirely by hands. Aloe Vera leaves are peeled to allow the latex containing aloin (an irritant and very laxative compound) to flow. Leaves are then washed and rinsed twice in order to get the best freshest native juice.


Elodies Naturals, Plum oil Face Serum


Antioxydant: Vitamin C protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals 

Anti-aging: stimulates the synthesis of collagen and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles: stimulates the renewal of fibroblasts (dermis cells)

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