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Elodie’s Naturals will give outdoor in-person plant-based skincare chemistry classes for the American Horticultural Society (AHS) in Alexandria (Virginia)

Outdoor series teaches how ‘food for skin’ aids healthy skincare

Arlington, VA, August 18th 2020 – Elodie’s Naturals, an educational skincare chemistry workshop and clean beauty products provider, and the American Horticultural Society (AHS), one of the most respected, longstanding national gardening organizations in the US, will hold a series of classes in Alexandria, Virginia to educate and promote all-natural plant-based skincare formulations.

“Elodie's Naturals was born from a mission: educate and offer healthy, fresh, and effective skincare products while sourcing the most ethical way plant-based ingredients,” says Elodie Cally, founder of Elodie’s Naturals. “More and more people care about what they put on their skin. Making skincare is like cooking, if you have good healthy and fresh ingredients, you will get the most nutrients for your skin. Food for skin with an ethical approach.”

AHS’s mission is to blend education, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship with the art and practice of horticulture. Its vision is a land of sustainable gardens, cultivated by a diverse population with a common passion for plants. Cally, calling the AHS partnership an idea match for her vision, added, “You don’t need 100 ingredients to make exceptionally good effective skincare.”

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Elodie’s Naturals will give outdoor in-person plant-based skincare chemistry classes for the American Horticultural Society (AHS)

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We use them everyday but we do not even know what's inside, right?

In Elodie's Naturals class, students learn about the raw ingredients, how they are made, where they come from, how to combine them in different ‘phases’ and how cosmetic chemistry transforms these different phases into beauty products. 

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