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Elodies Natural's in DC Modern Luxury Magazine


French Transplant Elodie Cally brings natural skincare classes to your home, one small mixer party at a time, by Michael McCarthy 

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Elodie Cally's timing for her new business couldn't have been better. American are rattled by the recent pandemic, and out homes have become more important sanctuaries than ever. Cally, a native of France who earned a master's at Paris Sorbonne University, believes our homes are amazing places to hold small, engaging classes among friends for making natural skincare products. "People send billions of dollars on skincare products every not knowing what's inside or if they'll be effective - or worse, harmful" says Cally, who launched Elodie's Naturals late last year. 

Elodies Naturals Personalized beauty

The in-home classes, which run $55 to $85 per person have been rolling ever since. Cally will host as few as four people and as many as nine. "My mission is to offer a place where people can socialize and demystify clean beauty". 

[...] The business sources most of its all-natural, plant-based ingredients from France, following the stringent guidelines of the COSMOS Ecocert.

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