Facial Serum Jeunesse: Your skin type - Your skin goal - Your scent - Your formula
Facial Serum Jeunesse: Your skin type - Your skin goal - Your scent - Your formula
Facial Serum Jeunesse: Your skin type - Your skin goal - Your scent - Your formula

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22 –3:30- 5:15 Pm

Facial Serum Jeunesse: Your skin type - Your skin goal - Your scent - Your formula

 23rd Street N, Arlington, VA, 22205




You use different active ingredients so you can personalized your serum to your skin type

I participated in the Lemon Scrub & Lip Gloss making class with my mom and sister in law and we had a blast! Elodie is super friendly and very knowledgeable about the products we were making. I have been using the scrub now for about two weeks and my skin has never felt better! Would highly recommend taking one of her classes!

- Samantha Garner Carter- 


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Here how it works:

1) You will get a recipe with a list of the natural certified ingredients you will need to make your own high-quality beauty product personalized for your skin’s needs.  

2) Our Natural Cosmetic expert will give you step by step instructions to make your natural beauty product. They will educate you about each ingredient used, every step of the way.

3) You then customize your product with natural aromas (designed by a French best-selling creator)

4) And finally, take home your natural, hand-made cosmetic product and enjoy the benefits of a quality, natural product that you can feel great about putting on your skin.

What to except really  ?

Take me to youtube to watch a short 1'30 class
where they make a serum

What should I bring?

Nothing, we will take care of everything, just come and enjoy the class

Do I need basic knowledge of cosmetic formulation ? 

No previous experience is required. This class is suitable for complete beginners as well as people who have made their own cosmetics before.

Does the cost of the event include everything  ? 

Yes, it includes everything! The cost of all the high-quality ingredients, utensils, containers, labels, and the price of the class. Everything is included so you can come, make, and then take your product home! Cool right?

Can I recycle my own containers?

YES !!! Bring your empty favorite bottle or jars. The size must match the recipe’s formula (example : If you take a class with a 50 ml cream, your jar must at least be able to contain 50 ml). Ask us if you are unsure. 


Loved the fact that I learned how to make my own face cream - this way I know exactly what I am putting on my face. :-) 🌱 and my own lip gloss - I also know that I am eating all natural products from my lip gloss 💄 Plus it was fun meeting new people! 😊 Great gift idea too ‘cause it so much fun!

Hella a

Elodie’s classes are even more fun than a cooking class because you leave with a few cosmetic products that you can enjoy for months to come! She is so quintessentially French, and such a fun and charming host of the workshop. Highly recommended

Jenny Hoffman

Taking her class really made me realize that you don’t need a long list of ingredients to make an amazing face serum and that you can use super foods on your face! A lipstick with color from beet root?? Yes! Why not. And it’s beautiful. I highly recommend taking her class and giving it a try.



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