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Elodie's Natural: washable cotton face pads
Elodie's Natural: washable cotton face pads
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Accessories: Reusable Square Cotton Pad Remover


eco-friendly makeup removernatural cotton makeup removerReusable Square Cotton Pad Remover
Washable, this eco-friendly makeup remover square pad is suitable for any type of skin, even sensitive. The super soft and amazingly effective makeup remover cloth can be used for men, women even for babies! 


Sustainable sourcing is vital to respecting the planet’s resources – and essential to the responsible growth of our business.

Our reusable make up remover are hand-made in Europe, with one side made from recycle fabric.

We do not use packaging, but instead we use some paper from sustainable ressources.

Our eco-friendly remover pad can be washed hundreds of time. So, 1 square can replace 1000 of cottons pads, and help saving the planet.


Eco-Friendly & Zero Waste Lifestyle♻️ Replace your wasteful makeup wipes for good! Our natural makeup remover pads can be washed and reused hundreds of times, saving you money and reducing landfill waste.


Thickness: 1/8 inch - Length: 3.5 inch - Width: 3.5 inch 

How to use ?

The best way to clean your face is to use a fresh cold-press oil or a cleansing balm. Use your fingertips to apply your cleanser on your face. Wet your pads with water, and then use them to remove cleanser and any make-up. 

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