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 Clean Beauty Chemistry Camp

Learn the art of clean beauty formulation, and take home your beauty products. Made by you and for you.

With a French Touch

Summer Camp 2020

Have you ever wonder how many cosmetic ingredients we put on our body everyday?

American women use an average of 12 products a day – nearly 200 ingredients – according to a 2004 study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Another survey, conducted by a beauty retailer in 2016, found women averaged 16 products a day on their face alone.

In this camp, teens will learn how to safely make natural skincare with plant-based ingredients. It is half-way between a cooking chef and chemistry!

From natural facial creams to coconut bar shampoo, lip gloss or serum, we will be using ethically sourced ingredients with a planet eco-friendly approach.

Taught by a Paris certified cosmetic expert, this is the premier camp for teens to learn
what’s inside skincare beauty products. It is fun and educative.

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COVID UPDATE: -as of July 22, 2020-
-Numbers of spot is limited to 5 teens/camp.
-Classes are hosted outdoor at 5512 23rd Street North in the shadow. Each teen will have their own table (unless there are siblings) 6 feet appart. 
-Fees include all materials and fresh ingredients to make 2 to 3 skincares/day. If you have to cancel for any reasons, please check our 
Summer camps terms & conditions.
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For Pre-Teens to teens 11+ to 17
August 18th - 19th - 20th -21st

For Pre-Teens to teens 11+ to 17
August 24th- 25th - 26th - 27th 

For Tiny Chemister 7+ to 10
August 31th - September 3th 

ONLY 3 places left

For Pre-Teens to teens 11+ to 17
Saturday September 12st

For Pre-Teens to teens 11+ to 17
Sunday September 13th 

ONLY 3 places left

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