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Clean Beauty,
Made Easy


Enjoy a unique experience at home making natural skincare products 

DIY kit, clean beauty at home

- Want to learn how to make a Provence Lemon Scrub, using the best organic ingredients? 

Premium and Natural Chemistry Kit, delivered to your doorstep

Clean Beauty had never been so easy Make your own amazing skincare, all natural, in a fun and educative way.

Non-toxic, safe, and premium skincare We ship exactly all ingredients to make 2 times a recipe (except distilled water) right to your home.

Empower next generations
You think chemistry is boring? Discover the art of formulation while having fun.  

Unique experience
Touch, feel and smell the natural ingredients that go into your hand-made skincare products.  

diy kit birthday gift ideas

Pure, Natural and Organic Ingredients

We carefully select all of our ingredients to create professional-grade skincare products
following the EU regulations

Because skincare should be safe and healthy

To control the quality and keep jobs in the US

To limit our footprint and respect the planet

We follow the EU regulations and do not test on animal

Instead, we source natural aromas from France

Clean Beauty, Made Easy
Elodie's Naturals DIY kit Birthday Ideas

Everything you need to make a 4 oz. lemon scrub !

Your kit includes:
- 3 natural ingredients,
- 1 empty container made from PET plastic recycled
- 1 Wood stick + 2 transfer pipettes  
- 2 Labels
- 1 cooking recipe with illustration,

Enjoy a journey in Provence
For Kids 16+ & Adults
Provence Exfoliating Lemon Scrub DIY Kit
Provence Exfoliating Lemon Scrub DIY Kit
Provence Exfoliating Lemon Scrub DIY Kit
Provence Exfoliating Lemon Scrub DIY Kit

Kid-friendly (over 16+), fun, and most importantly natural. This recipe is an invitation to journey through extraordinary French Provence. 

It came with everything (except distilled water) you need to make a Lemon Scrub Recipe (4 oz),

$2.90 flat fee in the US - Free over $49

To offer multiples kits to different delivery addresses, place an order for each different shipping address. 


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